Google has turned off some event rich results and changed the way some event rich results appear in the Google search results. As a result, you may see a drop in impressions and clicks reported in Google Search Console with that specific search appearance filter set to on.

What Google said. Google posted this news in the data anomalies section of the Search Console help area. Google wrote that starting on March 4, 2024, “Google Search has changed the way event rich results appear in Search results.”

Google added:

As a result, you may see a drop in clicks and impressions for your event search appearance reported metrics in your performance report. This doesn’t indicate a real drop in traffic, only in the way we categorize it in Search Console.

Ryan Levering from Google explained, “There are still a number of event rich features that use events data. Only rich snippets was turned off in that particular cut AFAIR.”

Why we care. If you run a website that runs events and you get traffic through event rich results, you may see a dip in that traffic going forward. It is unclear to me exactly which event rich result dropped out on March 4th, because we noticed some event rich results drop out around October 2023.

In any event, this is something to consider when you look at your reporting and there is not much you can do, since Google just turned off that feature.