Green and Sustainable Shipping Tips for Small Businesses

Shipping your products over many miles does not need to be polluting the environment. Check out how your business can ship sustainably.

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Businesses owners tend to prioritize the need of their products reaching out to its customer. Have you ever thought of the costs and effects on the environment caused by shipping and delivering products to clients?

Trying to use sustainable green shipping material is the most challenging solution faced by small industries today. According to research carried out, today, customers tend to prefer companies opting for the use of green shipping products and even would pay an extra 5% higher on their products.

The use of eco-friendly solutions saves the world from pollution and assists in customer satisfaction which in turn boosts your company’s productivity. If you are ready to go eco-friendly for your shipping order, here are some key factors to consider.

Use of Reusable Products

For a small business, most of their shipping materials rely on the existing organization to help with the shipping and mailing of their products. Companies such as FedEx, UPS, and USPS use reusable eco-friendly shipping solutions and are part of programs that push for green societies.

For more info, you can check the following resources on the various platforms that offer an eco-friendly solution for most of your shipping and mailing needs.

  • USPS Blue Earth
  • Green America
  • FedExEarthSmart

Using the Right size for Packaging

As more delivery continues to increase, companies should start thinking of ways to sustain the environment. Opting for materials that are economically friendly and are easily recycled and reused is the shift companies need to take. Many companies have opted to reduce the size of their packing boxes, envelopes, and bags. This turnaround has assisted the ditching of plastic packaging.

Large packages use more space and would require more products to be packed. This in turn increases the cost of shipping which can be reduced through the use of smaller packages. For your shipping solution, one needs to consider the shipping cost and the effects of their products on the environment.

Use of Green free Materials

The use of polyester as shipping container liners had some drawbacks with the environment due to its nature of not decomposing. The introduction of biodegradable has proven to be sustainable in the maintaining of a greener environment.

The use of inflatables offers a better option for void fill as they are made of reusable plastic. Geami ready wrap provides better cushioning of customer products and is environmentally free.

Ship to stores rather than deliver to every door

Did you know the last mile is the costly and most emission provider to the environment? Think of the logistics involved with a track doing drops to every delivery. According to research, it is estimated that emissions constitute two-third of the total emission in the air annually.

A business that tends to work on the basis of the ship to store help curb environmental pollution. This has helped in reducing the cost of their shipping, not to say customers tend to prefer eco-friendly products.

The smaller change that you take for your shipping company counts to the initiative of making our environment better.

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