Zach Lawryk is currently the Head of Global Solutions Consulting at Rippling, previously the VP of Solutions Consulting at Slack, Director of Sales Engineering at Box, and really began his career in tech at Salesforce as a Sales Engineer in 2005.

What you will learn

  • The importance of building long term relationships at work
  • The beginning of SaaS SE’s
  • How the SE/SC role will evolve with AI
  • Knowing when to bring in SE’s as a founder


(3:41) How Zach has successfully landed at power house companies and how to identify those companies

(8:16) Zach’s snowball effect of building relationships in the workplace

(11:10) The energy you put out always comes back to you

(19:30) When the sales engineer role got pioneered

(21:43) The SE/SC role evolving with AI

(29:11) AI experiments that Rippling is currently running

(34:49) When to invest in solution engineers

(37:30) Benchmark for the bump in win rate after bringing in SC/SE’s

(42:07) Gauging the complexity high water marker 

(44:35) Practicing transparency with the value you provide

(48:07) The power of video content that Rippling is currently leveraging

Zach’s Linkedin:

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