Hey there brand whizzes. I’m just about to get my real estate license, and have been putting a lot of thought into marketing and what good branding would look like for my business.

When I think of realnestate agent branding, I can almost exclusively think of things I hate, and I’m trying to figure out if that’s just the nature of the industry and “product” (product is largely the agent), or if there’s a way to do it that is better than what’s out there.

The things that I hate about what I see are (1) There’s just a lot of incohesive stuff going on w most realtor branding. My guess is this has a lot to do with, generally, very little thought and money being spent on branding, with most people inserting their photos into horrible templates with terrible fonts and calling it good (2) it’s always very much about the person who is marketing themselves, with much of the “real estate” on any marketing piece being comprised of photos of the realtor looking very realtoresque.

(1) Very much goes against my personal preference to not look at ugly things and (2) is against my preference to have people in my face telling me how great they are.

Is there any good way to not become the thing I hate in this space?

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