So I’ve been a real estate agent now for about 4 years and have seen every single different type of CRM that brokerages offer. All of them pretty much in a round about way did the same thing for me. Most were paired with outside companies like mailchimp or mojo which would always make the CRM itself less reliable for me. And the worst thing was is that I was never able to prospect new clients along with build relationships with my current clients at the same time. Another agent mentioned to me that he was using this new CRM called Supragnt and it has completely changed how I do business. So far what I’ve learned with Supragnt is that I can prospect current areas with people who are either looking to move or qualify for moving and luckily it has already paid off and I have gotten multiple clients out of it! While doing this, I can also create different “workflows” to target expired listings, FSBO, current clients, and the list goes on and on! It can also control your social media, calendar, payments, and so much more! For the price it’s an absolute STEAL!


Just wanted to see if anyone else has used this system yet and their experience with it if they have! TIY!!

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