Hello I am a new guy getting into this mess not really Just need some solid help if anyone can be of kind assistance as to guide me through this or help me a get a job in your department for practice but what I am trying to really do is use google AdWords and to help me sell lawn mowing equipment such as a blade that spins around under the mower and hedge trimming wire I really think it would be profitable in my area and also in the winter times snow shovels. Would like to expand and advertise for other landscaping companies as well using AdWords, But my goal right now is to just advertise the blade and the wires for the edge trimming. If anyone can help me That would be much Love. I would Split this down the middle or more for me and your portion for you, I just want to make sure its done right and use Alibaba or another company that you are far better knowing, Please help me get through this fully will by the job. Or commission, already have a google AdWords account, Just want Alibaba or a similar department to use for the beggining of the process in order to have a background and a strong foundation to how this will all end and start, just want a nice person who will do/help me in this field, of life.

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