1. Email tasks: delivering contents download – email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies to automate. You can set up automated emails to send opt-in content like free templates, reports, and ebooks. This may be used in place of (or in addition to) invoking the download in the user’s browser. Additionally, it gives you the option of including a “next step” CTA in the email body. You can also use email automation email newsletter, drip campaigns, cart abandonment email and so on. you can use GETRESPONSE for email automation
  2. Social media taske: facebook bot – with a Facebook bot that leads new leads through a conversion process, lead generation can be automated in a significant and highly personalized way. other area is social media scheduling

You are business owner and you need to free up time for other activities, these are two aspect of
your business you can free up time email tasks and social media tasks. Although there are many
aspect of the business you can automate.

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