Most often, web content is there to solve someone’s problems. So, finding keywords that are more related to problems your product/services could resolve, sounds like an awesome opportunity for SEO content marketing.

How can you find such types of keywords/Queries?

Brainstorm what (informative) your possible prospect can search on Google. Keep a few extensions (Surfer, Whatsmyserp, keyword everywhere) installed on chrome that will give you an idea about search volume.

These extensions (Surfer, Whatsmyserp, keyword everywhere) offer you an opportunity to find more and more relevant keywords.

It has ever been an opportunity for me as a keyword researcher, SEO & Content planner for the upcoming SEO campaigns of my clients.

Once you have researched a keyword that matches the capacity of your website to rank. Now, you should start planning and writing around the selected keywords.

Now, mold the content accordingly by linking it to sales/subscription pages. Try to keep the linking more organic. Stuffy linking might cost you higher.

This strategy generates guaranteed leads. In the worst case, if you even don’t end up making a sale, you will at least be improving your website’s internal linking strategy resulting in a better SEO tomorrow.

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