Hey all,

I want to share something new with you guys and get your ideas!

I am currently working on community-based marketing and developing an AI tool for marketing intelligence & keyword targeting for Google Ads campaigns.

We have developed a tool that addresses many personas in digital advertising, from PPC to Programmatic. Our product performs marketing intelligence work on communities on social media and then highlights actionable keywords for targeting. It has been developed in line with cookiless future policies.

We are currently in closed beta. We want to focus our resources and energy on the right area, accelerate product development and open up to the market.

There are many industries, such as e-commerce, retail, consumer goods, consumer services, cosmetics, appeal & fashion, food and beverage. There are also many business types such as startups, small businesses, SMEs and corporations. There are also different personas like agencies, in-house teams, freelancers or lone wolves.

How do you think I can test such a product quickly and efficiently? Which sector, which persona would get used to new tools early on?

Need your feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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