Also, what aspect of branding are you passionate about?

In my early teens to early 20s, I was obsessed with: identity, social identities/archetypes, universal archetypes, competition, intense desirability, standing out, extreme and niche traits, name, and character profile, personas, visual vibe, themed kits, the human appearance lol.

(Optional read: Although I had a good eye for things my expression is no where near as strong. Like I couldn’t create good music, writing, pictures, drawings, videos that captured the identity as intensely as possible. Any entrepreneurship ideas? Or just advice in general?)

Many years later, I was able to put a name to the process: Branding. I guess more so personal branding or brand identity. (Please lemme know if I’m wrong, I don’t want to be in the wrong field.)

Do any of you share my experience?

If not, what were your signs?

Were you guys naturally practicing certain processes before being able to put a name on it?

Or am I just vain and utterly wrong about my calling?

Thanks for sharing your insights!

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