Beyond Clicks & Likes, If you decode the actual Impacts that digital world has brought – you can get into a mind-blowing discussion on the invisible mark we gather all over the internet – that is creating your digital footprint 👣

So, what’s up with this invisible mark? 🕵️‍♂️

We’re not just talking about the mere views and impressions here, folks. We’re diving deep into the hole of how every move we make online will shape our virtual identity into real-life experiences. 🚀

💡 Just Think about it…

Every search, every post, every share >>> they all add up a unique version of YOU (a digital version)🤖

BUT have you ever pondered about how the digital marketing builds your business, your job opportunities, your friendships, your privacy, even your personal growth? 🧐

Take Marketo for instance, the Digital Automation tool that has gotten on nerves everywhere. MArketing services are building business prospects.

Life Impact >>> We all know the likes and follows gives us a dopamine hit. But think about the bigger picture?

Let’s get interactive! 👇

Share your thoughts & experiences.

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