This week on the PRmoment Podcast, I’m interviewing Michelle Goodall, chief marketing officer, Guild about the techniques required to build a community, the differences between a network and a community and what are the advantages for organisations in having an engaged community.

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Here’s a summary of what Michelle and I discussed:

1 min When we talk about a community in a business context – how are you defying that?

2 mins Michelle talks us through the 5 P’s of different types of communities

3 mins Are the characteristics of B2B communities and B2C communities different?

4 mins  What’s the difference between a community and a network?

6 mins Is a reader of a website part of a community? Is someone who follows you or your brand on Twitter, or who subscribes to your newsletter part of a community?

9 mins Do organisations have one community or are they in effect a series of different communities around different interests?

11 mins Is building a community always a good idea?

13 mins How do you choose which channel to host your community on?

16 mins What is the role of content in building a community?

18 mins What are the skills required to be a good community manager?

23 mins Why are there not more community specialists working in PR?

25 mins Michelle tells us about Guild and its mobile-first, no ads approach to community building.