Our company name is different from the product we promote in Google search ads.

The product name is meaningful to our target audience. The company name is not. So we rebranded our entire website around the product name.

But, our URL still has the company name. We’re reluctant to change it for SEO rank reasons.

In ads, Google uses our root domain in the name field above the hyperlinked URL. I’d prefer if our product name showed up there.

How can I get Google to show our product name? If at all? I found putting the product name in Account Name in ads Settings doesn’t work. It seems Google only wants the company name to be same as our root domain. I tried ” ‘Product’ by ‘Company’ ” in the Account Name field so both are in there, but that didn’t work.

We do own the domain with the product name, but I’m nervous about testing a redirected URL in ads, because I don’t want to risk problems with our ad account.

Anything I can try? Other than changing our domain?

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