How to Improve Digital Marketing Campaign using Data Visualization

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Not only the skills but decision-making ability is also required in creating digital marketing campaigns to hit the point where a business can find & connect with the target audience.

Here, data visualization can play a key role.

There are tons of data generated every day in this data-driven world, and companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are leveraging it.

The prior stage of data visualization is data collection, where data is collected from different sources for analysis and visualization purposes. Later, it helps in making data-based informed decisions and a perfect digital strategy.

If you are wondering- how to improve online marketing campaigning using data visualization? Here, I have created an article that will help you to understand the concept easily.

Let’s start with the basics.


What is Data Visualization?

What is Data Visualization and why is it important

The definition of data visualization says- It is a process used to represent the data graphically. It happens using charts, graphs, maps, and animations. The key objective of data visualization is to make it easier for the human brain to understand the data. It also helps in pulling insights and identifying trends and patterns.   

Different types of data visualization exist and support transforming the data into a delightful visual insight. So, these are:   

  • Column Chart: is one of the most common examples of data visualization. The data is being represented between the X (data label) and Y axis (measured metrics). It helps track sales figures, revenue figures, and more.   
  • Bar Graph: It works like the column chart but is better for lengthy labels, comparing 10 or more items.   
  • Line Graph: is used for showcasing trends, progress, or changes over time.   
  • Pie Chart: a circular graph showing data in the form of pie slices. Ex: market shares, demographics, online traffic data, etc.   
  • Funnel Chart: This is helpful for multiple business contexts. It shows data in the form of pipeline flow and how data moves from a process to a process.   
  • Map-Based Plot: helps in showcasing geographically based datasets via coloured regions. Ex- customers percentage from a particular region.   
  • Heat Map: It displays data based on two variables, like it displays high values with dark colors. Ex- interaction of users with a webpage. It also helps boost website conversions.    
  • Waterfall Chart: shows overall growth and decline between two points  
  • Scatter Plot: shows categories of data in circle colors, and circle size is for volume of data.   
  • Pictogram Chart: uses icons and images to represent the data.     

Importance of data visualization in digital marketing

Importance of data visualization in digital marketing

The above represents the key types of data visualization. Its application for all industries makes it more interesting. The things stats happening after data collection and analysis make it perfect for creating a digital marketing strategy.   

For example:  

Heatmaps help boost website conversions as you can understand users’ activity with a particular webpage or webpages. Based on it, you can design and develop your digital marketing strategy.  

You can decide which keywords you need to work on, what kind of content you must create, what you should include to run a successful ad campaign, measure marketing channels, and improve digital marketing campaigns. You can do multiple things with data visualization to make a perfect digital marketing strategy.   

Another example related to data visualization and digital marketing is- Google Trends. It helps digital marketers find trends, the most popular search queries, and more.   

Overall, data visualization offers multiple advantages to incorporate for digital marketing. If you want to know what these are, let me take you to the next section of this blog.    

Benefits of Data Visualization in Digital Marketing Campaigns 

Most businesses have adopted digital marketing to promote their products, services, and businesses. Still, some brands need to understand the power of data visualization to run their digital marketing campaigns. The right data visualization strategy can help you to create and run a successful marketing campaign.   

Data visualization offers benefits for digital marketing campaigns in the following way:   

Fast Processing 

Data visualization is the best to understand compared to the simple written text that can help you drive the best results from digital marketing efforts. The visualized data is processed faster, and there is an interesting reason behind it. The human brain recognizes visuals faster than the data and text.  

Using data visualization, you can write success stories with digital marketing campaigns and convey the message easily to the target audience.   

Better Decision Making 

Data visualization helps in better decision-making because it break complex datasets into easier ones. On your dashboard, you can view data in easy form. The best examples are BI tools such as Microsoft’s Power BI tool, Yellowfin, Tableau, and more. These tools represent the data in a simple visual format, give easy insights, and help in trend analysis. Based on it, you can make a perfect strategy for digital marketing campaigns.   

 Customer Behavior Analysis 

One of the prime benefits of data visualization is that it helps in customer behavior analysis, which can be done with the help of interactive charts, reports, dashboards, and heatmaps. You can have a clear glimpse of how customers interact with your brand, what your business performance is, and more. The best example is heat maps.   

Lead Scoring 

Data visualization makes it easy to score the leads, like you can find out the rankings of leads in your existing marketing funnel. Using the techniques, you can score leads from end to end. The lead prioritization will lead to better digital marketing campaigning.   

Controlling Churn Rate 

The Churn rate refers to the percentage of customers who stopped using your products. Data visualization helps in controlling the churn rate. With it, you can identify the loss of customers and make a fail-proof digital marketing strategy for their comeback to your brand.   

Those mentioned above are key benefits of data visualization in digital marketing campaigns. In addition to the benefits, it is also necessary to know what practices it will be beneficial to adopt to make digital marketing efforts a success. So, let’s move to the next section of the blog.    

Best Practices for Data Visualization in Digital Marketing Campaigns 

From the benefits, it is clear that data visualization can play a vital role in digital marketing campaigning. For leveraging it more, the things depend on how you use it. So, here are some best practices that you can follow. 

Define Your Objective  

The practice you need to adopt is to define the objective of data visualization. It will help you to create useful visuals and save time. Although here, your sole purpose of visualization is for digital marketing, you also need to define the sub-objectives for the best results.   

Know Your Target Audience  

Nothing will work if you do not know about your target audience. So before preparing for data visualization and digital marketing, it is necessary to know for whom you are going to apply it and for what. Based on your target audience, collect data, visualize it, get insights, make a strategy, and launch the campaign.   

Choose the Right Type of Visualization  

There are different types of visualization methods or ways that you must choose carefully before using it for digital marketing. Here, you need to choose the method that can help you to easily understand the data.   

For example, pie charts for visualizing market share or heatmaps for identifying the trends in the share market.  

Select The Right Tool  

For fine data visualization, choosing the right tool is also necessary. For example, if you want to leverage business intelligence for business growth, then Power BI services can help you a lot. It is one of the best data visualization tools that generates actionable insights.    

Keep it Organized and clean.  

Before applying data visualization, make your data organized and clean to create simple insights that can be understood by any of your team members easily. Simple designs can help you to make things work effectively.   

Attractive Colors and Fonts    

The human brain responds fast to the colors and fonts, so use an attractive color and font scheme to visualize the data. It will help your audience to understand the information effortlessly.   

The Takeaway 

Data visualization is promising for marketers who want to improve their digital marketing campaigns. It helps transform the data into valuable insights, identify the trends, and more. Later, it can be used for strategizing the things to target the audience via digital marketing.  

Overall, data visualization has multiple benefits for digital marketing, such as improved understanding of customer behavior, increased ROI, improved decision-making, and more. Remember that before data visualization, your data must be well-organized, to –the point, and related to your target audience.  

Once done, choose the best tool, such as Microsoft Power BI tool, Tableau, or any other, for the best data visualization results for digital marketing campaigns.   

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Gourav authorGourav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Strategist at ARKA Softwares, a leading bi consulting company. He has 4 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies. 

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