3 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivation Is Often Difficult

Father George Rutler has given a lot of advice on how to motivate yourself. He does not take this subject lightly because motivation is often difficult to comeby when it is needed most. People who are working jobs they hate often find it difficult to do their best. When people suffer from depression, it is often difficult to get motivated. Father George Rutler has a few solutions to use when motivation is difficult to muster. Will his words instantly turn a person into a type A go-getter? It is unlikely that this will instantly happen, but his advice will put a person on the right path.

Focus On Leadership

It might be an odd thing to suggest to an unmotivated person, but focusing on leadership is a power method that will increase motivation. One rebuttal is that a person is not in a leadership position. The truth is that everyone is in leadership. Leadership is not a position, it is taking responsibility. Leaders do what needs to be done. The best companies develop everyone into decisionmakers. The US Army even suggests that the US Army is an Army of one. Each person makes the best decisions that they can. Each person is looking for opportunities to improve themselves, to improve the way things are done, and to improve each other.

Quick Motivation Tips

Embrace the struggle: Motivation is not a switch that will simply turn on and off. No, it doesn’t work like this. Some people believe that if they find the right “motivation tip,” everything will be easy in life and they’ll do whatever they want without having to do any difficult work.

Define Motivation: Here is a wonderful quote about motivation: “Motivation. That thing that holds us back when we are trying our hardest to get something done; the reason we fail in doing what we set out to do; the substance that is so hard to find, yet lingers inside everyone of us. What is motivation? It is the drive and desire that encourages you to go above and beyond.”

Motivation As A Spectrum

We rarely have 100% motivation or simply 0 in the tank. Most of the time, we simply accept our current mood as who we are. We might even make excuses that we buy into. The biggest turning point is realizing that each person has a choice. One person might face these struggles with grit and determination. Other people, well, they might decide that they are not in control, but instead their current mood is the captain.

This Information Must Be Used

It is beyond easy to see that this advice is timeless. Father George Rutler believes that the advice given is something that can be instantly put into place. It is up to the reader to implement these things in their life. If a person puts this information into continued use, it is impossible for them not to have more motivation. Importantly, this information will teach the reader how to get out of their funk, and how to transform their bad moods into a fuel that will push them forward.

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