Instagram Stories are the perfect tool if you work in social media and want to improve your online presence and engage effectively with your audience. Stories are a simple yet powerful way to update your followers and promote your brand.

For marketers, sharing stories manually is another burden over planning. Up until 2021, Instagram Stories could not be scheduled. Since May 2021, it has been possible to schedule Instagram Stories using SocialPilot or Meta Business Suite, so you are no longer bound to share your Stories manually.

Why Schedule Instagram Stories?

For busy marketers, influencers, or small businesses, scheduling Instagram Stories can save time and help maintain a consistent online presence.

This is because Instagram Stories appear at the top of the Instagram feed and can attract followers, and staying consistent with stories can generate higher engagement and awareness.


The whole purpose of scheduling is to allow you the time to plan so they are well thought out and researched. Giving you more time for other productive parts of the job.

Consistent Brand Voice

When manually sharing Instagram Stories has disrupted your brand’s voice and aesthetic, scheduling is an option that can reinforce the brand identity, making it easier to get recognized for better planning.


Scheduling Instagram Stories relieves you from manual sharing at unreasonable hours. You can schedule any story at the most convenient time without the need to be online all the time.

No Last-Minute Errors

When you learn how to schedule Instagram Stories, you ensure that nothing goes out without a double-check and that there is no room for last-minute errors.

Analytical Insights

When you schedule Instagram Stories using a third-party scheduling tool, you get additional features like analytics and reports. Most scheduling tools have this feature, which helps you understand how the audience likes the stories.

Here are a few more reasons to schedule your Instagram Stores: