Are you a social media manager fed up of sharing posts on Tiktok in real-time? In this scrabbled situation, the only solution is learning how to schedule TikTok posts. It will give you the power to plan ahead and maintain a consistent flow of content without last-minute stress.

While TikTok’s native scheduling feature may seem like a treat to social media marketers, it has its fair share of limitations. But fret not. There is a tool that doesn’t leave you feeling stuck in a time wrap.

Stick around to learn how to schedule your post in just a few minutes with zero limitations.

Benefits of Scheduling TikTok Posts

  • When social media managers schedule TikTok posts, they can organize their workload, allocate time for tasks, and enhance productivity.
  • Scheduling TikTok posts helps marketers be consistent with the brand image and messaging while keeping up with the latest trends.
  • Having a TikTok schedule allows managers to spare time for brainstorming and creating creative content. It frees up their constant posting time.
  • While managing a multi-locational brand, they can schedule TikTok posts for different time zones and regions to maximize global reach.
  • When social media managers prepare TikTok schedule posts, the real-time posting pressure reduces their stress and burnout.
  • By analyzing the engagement matrix, social media managers can make data-driven decisions when scheduling their TikTok posts.
  • Marketers can strategically integrate trends in their TikTok schedule when they plan ahead and stay proactive.
  • When social media managers schedule TikTok posts, it allows them to review and approve their content as per the TikTok community guidelines.

How to Schedule TikTok Posts Using TikTok Native Feature?

In 2021, TikTok launched its in-built scheduling feature to help creators and businesses schedule content.

However, unlike social media scheduling tools, it comes with certain limitations. Such as, you can schedule up to 10 posts only 10 days in advance, and it only works on desktop not mobile.

There are many more drawbacks to using the TikTok scheduling feature, which we will discuss later in the blog.

Before that, let’s learn how to schedule posts on TikTok native app.

Step 1: Open Your Account on Desktop

To schedule TikTok posts, you must open your account on your desktop, as this scheduling feature is only available there.

Step 2: Changing Your Account Type

Another limitation of TikTok’s native scheduling feature is that it allows only the account with a creator and business profile to schedule posts.

So, if you have a private account, follow these steps to change your account type.

  • Open your TikTok account.
  • Click on your profile picture in the extreme right corner and select Settings.
    TikTok account
  • Select the business account option in the settings, and then switch to a business account.
    Business account
  • After changing your account type to business, you can access the TikTok business suite, creators hub, etc.

Step 3: Record or Upload Your Post

Now refresh your tab and click the “Upload” button. Create and edit your video and add all the essential elements like music, cover images, etc.

Upload Your Post

Also, you can change the settings for comment, duet, or stitch and specify who can watch your video.

settings for comment

Step 4: Schedule Your Post

Once you are done uploading and editing the post with all the necessary settings, you can schedule your post.

Turn On the “Schedule Video” tab and set all the parameters for TikTok schedule posts. Set a suitable date and time for your post on TikTok.

Schedule Video

Remember, on TikTok, you can schedule up to 10 posts for only 10 days in the future, not more than that.

If these limitations bother you, then we have a solution. Learn how can you schedule a TikTok post using SocialPilot TikTok Scheduler.

How to Schedule TikTok Posts with SocialPilot in a Minute?

Despite having 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok finds it hard to make features like unconditional scheduling available.

But SocialPilot has every possible advanced scheduling feature for TikTok and other platforms.

Here’s how to schedule TikTok posts with SocialPilot in just a minute:

Step 1: Connect Your TikTok Profile to Your SocialPilot Account

The first step towards your happy social media journey starts with connecting your TikTok business profile with your SocialPilot account.

Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your SocialPilot account on the desktop.
  • Click on ‘Accounts’ -> Connect Account -> TikTok.
    Connect Account
  • Share the mandatory access with SocialPilot to publish content on TikTok. Ensure you don’t disable any of the permissions during this step.
Marketing Tool to access your TikTok account

Now, worrying about your TikTok schedule is a thing of the past!

With our suite of features, including Bulk Scheduling, AI Assistant, and Content Calendar, you can start scheduling TikToks effortlessly and expand your reach on TikTok globally.

Step 2: Click the “Create Post” and Select TikTok Platform

Open your SocialPilot dashboard and select Posts -> Create Post -> TikTok Tab.

Select TikTok Platform

Step 3: Upload the Video to Schedule

Click on the “Video Upload” tab and select the video you want to schedule from your desktop drive.

SocialPilot supported file format: Local Device Format, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box Cloud Storage.

To learn more about the TikTok Post parameters, check out our Help Document.

Video to Schedule

Step 4: Prepare the TikTok Schedule Post

The next step, after uploading the suitable video for scheduling, is to specify other necessities.

  • Select Thumbline.
  • Write the Video Description within 2200 characters.
  • Mention the exact username and Tag Account.
  • Use Hashtags and Emojis.
  • Set Privacy settings (public, friends, or private).
  • Allow users to Comment, Duet, or Stitch.
  • Choose from Direct Publishing or Mobile Reminder.

Note: If you pick “Direct Publishing,” your post will be published at the scheduled time. However, if you choose “Mobile Notification,” you will get a reminder push notification on your mobile device for final Go.

Direct Publishing

Step 5: Schedule Your Post on TikTok

The final step is to select the TikTok account you want this post to go live on.

Then you can either Add Your Post to the Queue, Share Next or Schedule a Post to manage your social media calendar ahead.

Schedule Your Post on TikTok

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