I found a workaround integration for Hubspot CRM that saves me $30k+ per year. Here is how:

Hey r/crm community!

I know that some of you are still using direct integration between HubSpot and other systems to do various tasks.

I do too! But when I needed to enrich data with ClearBit and received a $30k/year offer from their team, I said no. That’s too much in today’s world when data is everywhere.


So I found a workaround using low-code automation tools and API integrations that helped me achieve the same result without the high cost.

By the way, I’m Daniel Vasilyeu, an automation enthusiast, here to show you how to enrich data and provide you with a ready-to-go solution to implement in your work. Let’s go!

But what is data enrichment?

What we usually know about our customers – that’s their emails for sure. And the data enrichment process allows us to use emails as an input, and get a wide range of information as an output. This output would be enriched data, such as, for example:

  • job titles
  • geo
  • personal social media accounts and much more…

This is crucial for gaining deeper customer insights and making better decisions.

My cost-effective data enrichment experience

As I said before, its all about low-code automation and APIs, in my case, I used two tools to achieve the same result ClearBit and Hubspot suggested for 30 grands:

– Account on Apollo.io that has data enrichment API ($49/mo)

– Scenario on automation platform Latenode.com that calls Apollo’s API ($17/mo)

– Account on Hubspot CRM to send and receive enriched data (you already have it)

What is a low-code automation platform and why is it needed? It allows you to link services through APIs, making it much cheaper than using direct integration. So, I created a script that takes data from HubSpot, enriches it, and returns it back.

Here is how it looks like:


But what do all these nodes do? Here’s the steps:

1.Our first node accepts Webhook requests from HubSpot.

You need to set up these requests in HubSpot “workflows” to automatically send data to an external Webhook URL.


This integration keeps systems updated with the latest customer information, removing the need for manual data entry and reducing errors.

2.Apollo Enrichment

The second node sends customer emails from HubSpot CRM to Apollo’s API for enrichment. We use the email as input and get detailed information in return, including personal geography and corporate social network URLs. For our purposes, we’ll focus on retrieving the Job Title. This enriched data helps analyze customer preferences and needs, improving the customer experience significantly.

3. Aggregating Job Titles for Insights

The third node aggregates job titles based on criteria such as open dates without closing dates, indicating ongoing roles. This provides a clear view of job titles like “advisor” or “founder” across projects or departments, helping analyze workforce dynamics and resource allocation.


4. Job Title Validation and Enrichment

The fourth node checks if the job title is present in HubSpot CRM. If it’s empty, the fifth node adds the job titles gathered in the third node. This process ensures high-quality data, enabling a tailored approach to each customer without significant costs.


Easy and effective, isn’t it?

Ready-to-use template to copy

🔥To simplify setting up the same automation, I prepared template you can copy into your Latenode account to run the same automation I did:

The sequence is as follows: copy the text from the following link (https://www.notion.so/latenode/Apollo-Data-Enrichment-6beca1e114ef45aa903e53c7e1c487a2?pvs=4), create an empty scenario, paste it with the right mouse button. Just check the steps:







If you have any questions, please write to me on social networks,I will be happy to help you figure it out!🏌

X: https://x.com/daniel_vasilyeu Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vasilyeu/

Thank you for your attention!


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