Hey everyone,

after months and months of testing – i want to share something cool I stumbled upon and look for someones expert advice on how I can monetize this discovery..

I’ve figured out a way to funnel genuine, direct traffic to any website I choose. We’re talking real people from all corners of the planet landing on my links that are placed in some smart spots, and it’s all on autopilot. This little trick of mine has even given my Google search presence and click-through rates a nice boost.

Now, I’ve given this a whirl with a few direct affiliate links, but the conversions weren’t spectacular – probably because the traffic isn’t super targeted. However, I’m betting there are some savvy affiliate marketers out there who could really make this work to their advantage. The cherry on top? It’s totally AdSense friendly. I mean, Google did their homework on my traffic, gave it the green light in less than a day, and now I’m seeing daily earnings.

Here’s the thing, though – I’m toying with the idea of monetizing this traffic goldmine as a service. But, to be honest, I’m a bit out of my depth here. Never sold traffic before. So, what do you guys think? Is this something people would pay for? And if so, how should I price it? I’ve got some stats from early February that really show off the consistency, the uptick in AdSense earnings, and the boost in search volume:

Just a heads-up, the niche site I’ve been experimenting with has low CPC values, but I’m planning to test this out on a site in a pricier niche to see how the revenue per thousand impressions (RPMs) holds up.





Moving on to adsense:




(YES, I have been paid out on this traffic & Google even put the anomaly traffic in review and approved it!)

Now into GSC:



Take a close look at the dates in the stats, especially between February 10th and 13th, 2024. That’s when I started playing around with this strategy. You’ll see some interesting spikes in impressions and clicks, plus a nice upward trend.

Now into an affiliate offer test run I did with a warrior plus offer:


Please note, affiliate offers needs more creativity, as I was banned from direct linking amazon and some clickbank offers. Would need a funnel to send this traffic to, to be safe I think. But I was paid out on this particular network from this traffic*


Alright, that wraps up the stats part.

So, after trying out a bunch of different ways to drum up traffic without blowing a ton of cash on ads, I hit on this method, and cannot find anything on the web publicly doing the same strategy. It’s a mix of a few techniques I’d tried before without much luck, but together, they’re working like a charm.

I’m really curious to hear your thoughts. Do you think this kind of real-deal traffic could be a viable service offering? And how would you go about valuing it based on the stats I’ve shared?

Feeling pretty pumped about this discovery, but I’ve hit a creative wall on how to leverage this traffic for the best offers. Thinking it might be smarter to sell the traffic as a service and enjoy some steady income from it, or potentially create a method guide & sell it a premium? I’m unsure, and need some vote of confidence or creative direction.

I am also not opposed to a JV, but no idea what that would look like & really would like to start generating additional income from this as soon as possible.

tl;dr -I found a new traffic source, unlimited & untargeted traffic from real humans totally adsense safe & boosting serp CTR (see data images above). I want to sell this traffic but don’t know how to value it. HALP.

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