Hi everyone,

I’m a software developer and I’ve built a product for marketing/seo agencies. Essentially, based on my research, I’ve learned that marketing agencies have a tough time standing out from the crowd. To get a prospect interested requires the right timing and the just the right pitch, which can be challenging. My software serves as something that the agency can provide to the client for use for free (regardless of whether or not they sign a contract) and really, it just kind of serves as an icebreaker.

In creating the product, I’ve followed the idea that people should create value for others before asking for their business.

So, this is a question to all the digital marketing/seo agency owners out there. Would you mind meeting with me for 10 minutes so that I can show you my product? It’s possible that it’s a non-starter, but I just want to understand what you like / don’t like about the idea. I absolutely will not try to sell the product to you. My goal is to run through what it does and learn why agencies would or wouldn’t like the product.

I know it’s a big ask, but I’d really appreciate the time.

Thanks everyone!

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