One of the hotspots of influencer marketing these days is the gaming industry, with one of the most followed YouTubers across the world, and the most famous gaming influencer, being PewDiePie. With a following of about 100 million subscribers, he’s worked with brands ranging from Razer to Volvo. 

The influencers in the gaming industry are just as popular and impactful as influencers in beauty, fashion, and fitness. These influencers are gamers that live stream their gameplays to their audiences on different platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and more. Aside from earning through the long hours of gaming live streaming, there’s also a number of different income avenues that gaming influencers can utilize. They range from reviewing games to testing them, as well as working with companies and brands in sponsored collaborations.  

Another great example of influencer marketing in the gaming industry is Tyler Blevins, popularly known as Ninja, a gamer who streams Fortnite to his target audience, and who launched a brand new pair of sneakers in collaboration with Adidas. This is just one of the countless examples of non-gaming brands working with influencers in the gaming industry, which help influence buying decisions for those consumers. 

Aside from those examples, more recently, even the singer Ariana Grande decided to explore the gaming industry in her promotional efforts by having an in-game concert inside of Fortnite. A number of other concerts have also been held inside different video games, with artists like Travis Scott and Marshmello being some of the other performers in recent months.  

Audience Engagement 

One of the more unique aspects of influencer marketing campaigns in the gaming industry is that companies have multiple touchpoints which come out as opportunities to engage with the target audience. This is especially beneficial for brands in the gaming industry, with touchpoints such as the launch of a new game, downloads, purchases, and promotional marketing activities throughout. 

Traffic and Reach 

Another benefit of working with influencers in the gaming industry is their knack for engaging their audience during their streams. Getting one of those influencers to feature a company or create collaborative content can help businesses draw even more attention. Having entertaining content is the cornerstone of making those audiences keep coming back for more, which will eventually help companies build a loyal community of customers and followers. 

Trust and Relationships 

Finally, despite whichever industry an influencer comes from, ultimately they are all leaders in terms of opinions because they can exercise their influence over their audiences. Additionally, when it comes to the gaming industry, these influencers interact with their audiences and their viewers for longer periods of time because of those livestreams, which helps them establish a greater sense of trust and a better relationship. It’s important to keep in mind that whatever an influencer says about any random subject or mentions a brand, is going to be impactful to their audience, which means influencers in the gaming industry can easily change the way that consumers buy products or how they view them. 

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