From the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep THIS is constantly on my mind 24/7.
As most of you know this could happen to any of us at ANY time, that’s why I have prepared myself for this by saving my whole community of 23k boutiques emails and phone numbers.
It is very draining as business owner to know that at any moment your social media could be gone! So again, always make sure your backing up your customer base and I know you have heard it five million times, luckily in my case I have all this saved. After we get this all under control I plan to help ya’ll do this by providing you with all the resources I have used to do this!
I’ve been in business 11 years now and have hit many trials along the way, I can CONFIDENTLY SAY every single one of those trials pushed me out of my comfort zone to try new things and I always ended up in a BETTER spot then I was before. I have no doubt that God has his hands in this, I am sure you’ve heard the saying “Tell God your plans and He will Laugh.” At the end of the day I have FULL trust in my God that he is going to turn this into a testimony for my business and what HE can do!
This experience has challenged me more than ever to consider outside platforms for our community that can’t be taken away from us, so I’ve created a NEW space for us and I can’t wait to get your feedback on it. I think you are going to LOVE it because of all the amazing things it’s capable of doing. This is NOT another FB Group, although I will also be growing our backup FB group at the same time as this new platform, so no need to worry! 
I am NOT oblivious to the fact that people need to consistently see your things in their FB feed to interact with it, so I have reach out to all my network of connections and they are allowing us to promote our community to their social reaches of a combined 67,000 members — that’s not including my already existing groups of over 7,200 members. I will also be utilizing other networks that I am very well versed in by never used for our community before because we were limited with it being in FB. For example, FB ads, Pinterest, and Instagram.
Don’t worry, anyone that request to join our new community will be vetted as a business owner, that’s actually a really exciting part! We will now FINALLY be able to know how many Brick and Mortars we have vs Online only as well as how many wholesalers are in the community and so much more data we never had access too! So I am VERY excited about that!

I’ve always been the biggest cheerleader for our InstantBoss Wholesalers and that will never change! I ALWAYS have your best interest in mind. I don’t want you to feel like something is being taken away instead that now because of this situation you are now blessed with MORE opportunities! With that being said, I will be giving everyone who paid YEARLY another YEAR for FREE with us. So when your time comes to renew you will not be charged, after that free year we can then re-evaluate our growth and what we would charge at that time, but you will never be charged MORE than what you are currently locked into, just the structure from yearly to monthly may change. Those that are on MONTHLY plans we do have options for you as well, please message me at [email protected] so we can go over your options. I am confident we can turn this around for ALL of our wholesalers and come out BETTER than we ever where before!

So here are next steps:

  1. I need you to create an account on the new platform here:

* this is NOT connected to any other account of yours so PLEASE create a NEW account.

  1. Fill out your profile info with a photo, bio and any links you want to include.
  1. Make your first post sharing a wholesale product to the feed! You can post twice a day here for now.
  1.   Text WHOLESALE to +1 214 239 4382 – then text that number again letting me know you have completed your profile! From there I can help answer any questions you have.
  1. Remember we still have our backup Facebook group, be sure to join it: — THE INSTANTBOSS TEAM WILL BE RESHARING ANYTHING YOU POST TO OUR NEW PLATFORM INTO THIS GROUP FOR YOU! So all you need to do is post in the NEW platform and from there we will reshare FOR YOU! *If you still want to post different items to our Facebook group you are more than welcome to, but don’t post the same thing you do in our platform since we will reshare for you!

Please make sure you complete all steps TODAY! We are launching this out to our masses TOMORROW!

I KNOW this whole post is very overwhelming with things to do, but you will now have ever more opportunities open up for you with InstantBoss as well, we will go over that another time as I don’t want to overwhelm you! Thanks again for your support through this journey, I know we will come out on the other side of this better than ever!

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