Good afternoon community, I bring to you an issue I’m encountering with Zoho CRM that neither Zoho Flow nor Zapier can help me with for now. Let me provide more details for clarity.
My goal is to transfer information from Workable (specifically, some notes that the LMS provides about each candidate) to Zoho CRM (to fill in the fields with the notes provided by the LMS to the ATS Workable).
The issue with Zapier is that, although it recognizes both apps for the task, when it comes to completing the record, it does not offer me the option to select the fields where I have the LMS notes for each candidate.
The Test Scores is what i’m looking for, Communication; Executive Assistant
My ideas were to use some sort of intermediary table and see if Zapier or another App allows me to dump the information I need in XLSL or CSV format and then perform an import to Zoho CRM. Use some sort of WebHook, about which I have no idea. Therefore, I would need some kind of instruction or, if possible, a link to a basic explanation; and the option of using APIs, BUT. I have MINIMAL knowledge of APIs since I am not a programmer, so I would like this option to be the last resort after exhausting all other possibilities.
Thank you very much for your help, and for reading this far if you have. Just doing that is already a big help. Regards

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