I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing 5 years ago. My first job out of college was an SEO Outreach role that I was eventually laid off from after three years. I got another role as an Assistant Media Buyer but was laid off from that one as well. Both layoffs were due to budgets/company restructuring so nothing to do with me as an employee.

I’ve now been unemployed for four months. I have fully updated my resume but I have gotten only two interviews out of about 100 applications, and no job offers.

It seems like now all the job postings I see want people with direct experience managing entire campaigns, something I’ve never done (outside of volunteer work that I’ve done for local small businesses) as my first two roles were only entry level SEO Outreach and general administrative work.

At this point it feels like my first two jobs did nothing to give me relevant experience in marketing for the job openings I’m finding. Will I be stuck applying to entry level roles again? Or is there a chance I can still land a mid-level role in the marketing field with my level of experience?

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