(but in a good way)…

A must read for any biz who values a consistent brand voice…

We all know you’re dead in the water without one. 😉



Congrats on the fully fab home page friend.

While I’m at it, particularly slick how you aligned the design signature with your socials and email newsletter too.

Dang it looks dazzling…(!)

I’m yet to explore your electronic ecosystem – but there’s zero doubt the copy is on point too.

Because, just like the competition, you inhaled all 9 of those classic copywriting compendiums – before penning them business-ey words to woo folks to your website 😉

Anyways, phat chance of cocking this up now.

Time to harvest the financial fruits.



What About The Rest Rodney?

The effects of a brand’s language on how people feel is a big trucking deal.

So you busted a lung to ensure the visuals are vibrant and the words are wise. Tick.

But does your Accessibility, Authority or Outlook seep through every crack of your verbal identity?

C’mon, r-e-a-l-l-y?

Resonance isn’t just found at your brand’s front door or hallway.

It lives in all the bedrooms, bathrooms and basement.

Well, at least it should.

Attracting folks to the front yard of a biz is only the jump-off point.

And this is where Tone of Voice comes in (yet again).

Also known as the justified ancients of mu mu strategic gateway to differentiation and customer loyalty.

Look around.

No not there dummy. Online.

The most effective brands are stellar at building equity (LTV) with their target markets.

How? By exposing what they’re really like across the whole fricken biz.

And they achieve it through the way they sound to those people.

From the words they write.

Gnarly hey.

The Curse Of The “Franken-Voice”


For the ignorant unaware, there’s a lesser-known sinister snag that restricts a brand’s ‘vibe’.

It’s the unintended mish-mash of messaging that causes such grief.

We all know potential long term customers read everything, often more than several times over.

So it pays to ensure your edgy, jubilant, melancholy, hopeful, affable, or consoling REAL YOU shows up everywhere you publish audience-facing words.

Even for clearly defined voices (there are 9 voice types in the R-E-V Framework), a commitment to a congruent personality can’t be half-brewed.


Ah, bad shit happens…

Folks won’t completely ‘buy in’ the same way you see yourself It’s harder to position or be perceived as ‘different’ You’ll earn less trust and customer loyalty Growth potential is stunted No need to fret.

There’s ample opportunity for you to nail this for yourself.

And parking your peepers on all collateral will make for a profitable first step. This isn’t anything unusual or complex to achieve.

Many exemplary companies outclass with a 100% consistent tone of voice.

And I don’t see their attention to detail as a ‘talent’ thing – just a deliberate application of effort and care.

Although there’s another level if you dare…

What about going way beyond basic to score an A+?

Then planting your voice flag on underutilized ‘real estate’ is a next-level play just waiting to be exploited.

Not sure what I mean?

Some of my favorites that ‘Walk the Talk’ where others won’t don’t:

(look them up)

Kulula Airlines:

Aircraft are embellished with witty one-liners.

Liquid Death:

Email confirmation button seeks permission to brainwash.

Innocent Drinks:

‘Stop looking at my bottom’ printed underneath the packaging.

Can you get beyond bog standard placements? “Rebel” (Via the R-E-V Brand Language Framework) Image: Kevin Lake Time now to spray your uniqueness everywhere.

Regardless of whether you’re a Ben & Jerry’s (Bestie @ the Bar) or Tag Heuer (Almighty One), the most effective firms are 127% committed across EVERY corner of a biz.

Like a fart in a crowded elevator, a brand’s voice should be inescapable.

Sorry, unmistakable.

The 10 Minute Test:

Let’s find and fill the holes in your voice box.

Set a timer for (you guessed) 10 minutes, and tackle a list of ‘hard to reach’ corners of your online universe.

No cheating! I mean everywhere your fingerprints can be found…

Bet you’ll be surprised what gaps you see – for they are the places where your voice needs to be!

Some locations to inspect 1st:

◼️ Website 404 page (it’s worth it)

◼️ Customer contracts or Terms & Conditions

◼️ The ‘P.S’ & ‘Unsubscribe’ section of a newsletter

◼️ The FAQs section of your website (often neglected!)

When you’re done, shoot me back an email to show me what you’ve dug up. I’d be stoked to hear where you scored any wins with this.

Anyway, my turn to get the youngest from school.

Betta fly.

Stu | TLG Brand Voice Studio.

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