Hey! Could someone help me understand what’s happening here?

Back in September, I increased the budget for Google Ads. I didn’t add new keywords, so I covered all the impression share I was losing for the keywords I was already bidding on because of budget and increased some bids, so I also reduced the loss by rank.

Now, the person from content is telling me they are seeing a decrease not in organic visitors but in leads, so basically, the same volume of traffic is going to the website, but it’s converting significantly less by organic channels.

Can this be cannibalization? I do not understand how bidding more would affect the conversion rate but not the traffic volume.

I also do not understand how, if I am constantly competing for second or third place, this can affect what’s happening under these three results organically. I mean, the organic results should show the same. The only change was that I now show ads in a higher position.

So, summarizing the same traffic volume, less conversion. Don’t understand how this can be cannibalization?

Any ideas?

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