As the Oscars draw near this week, let’s delve into the captivating world behind the glamor and glitz!

🎬 Exploring pivotal categories and emerging interests, our Contextual Insights provide an exclusive peek into the secrets of success on Hollywood’s grandest stage. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the 96th Academy Awards are igniting substantial online excitement. Go beyond the surface glitter and uncover the pulse of audience interests and trending topics.

In the dynamic landscape of today’s world, seasonal events unfold with remarkable frequency. It’s this keen understanding of these occasions that empowers Silverpush and its partners to seize the opportunities they present. Our analysis focuses on the upcoming Red Carpet Season, delving into its potential impact on Video Advertising. By shedding light on the evolution of content creation and consumption, we aim to provide valuable insights into how the Awards and Festival period from last year has influenced the current year thus far.

It isn’t over when the curtain falls – After the awards, the Oscars live on—on YouTube

The Oscars may end when the curtain falls, but the excitement lives on long after the last trophy is handed out. While celebrities flock to after-parties, audiences turn to YouTube, where the celebration continues. Surprisingly, there are more searches for the Oscars the day after the event than on the day itself, both on YouTube and Google Search. As people return to work, they catch up on the highlights and controversies, eager to engage in watercooler conversations, with video being their preferred medium.

How Can Brands Win on Awards Night and Beyond with Contextual Advertising?

Brands have a unique opportunity to seize the spotlight during awards season, extending their reach far beyond the confines of the red carpet. While viewers tune in to iconic moments, speeches, and high-fashion statements, they also eagerly anticipate the commercials, with a remarkable 90% of Disney viewers expressing favorability towards advertisements during the Oscars.

Contextual targeting offers advertisers a powerful tool to strategically place their ads in front of audiences immersed in Oscars-related content. By understanding the context in which users are consuming content—whether it’s watching videos about nominees, red carpet coverage, or engaging in post-show discussions—advertisers can tailor their messaging to align seamlessly with the viewer’s interests and mindset.

This approach ensures that ads are not only relevant but also timely, capitalizing on the heightened attention and anticipation surrounding the event. Be it promoting fashion brands alongside red carpet coverage, showcasing luxury products during commercial breaks, or aligning with the themes of nominated films, contextual targeting enables advertisers to effectively engage with audiences in a way that feels natural and non-intrusive

Moreover, contextual targeting allows advertisers to reach users across various platforms and devices, ensuring a cohesive and integrated advertising experience.

By harnessing the power of contextual advertising, brands can not only capture the attention of audiences during awards season but also drive meaningful connections that resonate long after the final curtain falls.