I am tearing my hair out with Salesforce. I cannot find any way to view campaign statistics and email tracking and Salesforce customer support does not seem to be able to help. I am reaching the end of my patience.

Can you all recommend me a CRM that will clearly allow me to do the following:

  1. Send about 3000 emails out each month in a format that LOOKS like a normal email
  2. A clear concise way of seeing stats on this send out, such as who viewed it, who clicked the links etc.
  3. Ability to detect which emails bounced / undeliverable and for me to easily take them off the list or put them on a new list which I can analyze separately
  4. All other usual CRM features like address books / creating leads and target lists etc.
  5. inexpensive option. Salesforce charges about 200bucks a year which I am OK with.

I am really struggling to get points 1-3 on Salesforce.

Thank you!

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