In June I went into adwords to check cpc for a new site that is still not developed. I put in large monthly amount, and must have then tried to reset to 0 monthly, which I now realize you cant do…requires a “$1.60 monthly minimum.” So it charged me a few thousand dollars since.

Every single click evidently went to a hostgator placeholder page, since no actual site exists. Google ad policies do not any redirects like that, but I never got warning. It also says such ads “will be disallowed,” but they were not.

Any chance of refund or credit?

EDIT also I did not receive my first “weekly spending report” until 4 weeks after initial charge. July1 first charge, July 29 first emailed report. The damage was already done.

EDIT adwords rep said she cant even see my old billing and I need regular google billing support. Any ideas where to find that- I can’t find anything that seems appropriate.

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