I have been in the digital marketing space for around 10+ years, managing platforms like Pardot, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Active Campaign etc, putting together Lead Nurturing and Automation Strategies and campaigns, and I am looking to take my Marketing Automation knowledge to the next level.

I would love any and all feedback or recommendations about the following to help point me in the right direction:

  1. Who are the “gurus” and thought leaders for Marketing Automation? Who are the Neil Patels and Seth Godins of the space for example?

  2. Besides Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing framework, what are other large scale strategic frameworks for Marketing Automation?

  3. What are the newest, leading edge and most effective tactics to come into marketing automation in the last 3 years?

  4. What software and tools are the newest and most worth looking into that are specific to Marketing automation and that wouldn’t be already incorporated into the big platforms like Marketo, Pardot Hubspot etc?

As a bonus what enterprise level platform do you like the best? I’m most well versed in Pardot at this point but think it’s one of the most limited due to poor integration with salesforce and very limited third party integrations. I’m leaning towards goi g a lot deeper into the Hubspot environment for enterprise these days.


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