The world of PPC is constantly evolving! New features and updates are unveiled each month, giving advertisers fresh ways to connect with audiences. Let’s dive into some of the key announcements and updates from major PPC platforms this month!

Top PPC News for February 2024

Drive more performance from AI-powered Search ads with new asset changes:- Headlines, descriptions, and powerful visuals like images and sitelinks make search ads more informative and engaging, leading to better user interactions. Google’s upcoming updates will further enhance these features, boosting the overall performance of search ads and how they leverage assets.

Building more durable and effective bidding strategies for Hotel Campaigns:- Since third-party cookies are going away by year-end, and travel needs are constantly evolving, Google is introducing future-proof solutions for hotels. These include target ROAS (tROAS) bidding for Hotel Campaigns and an expanded Performance Max for travel goals. Learn more in this document.

Latest Google Ads Features of 2024: Stay Updated!:- Let’s explore the newest Google Ads features for 2024! We’ll see how AI boosts campaigns, automation saves time, broad match keywords reach more people, video ads become even more important, and visual search gets even cooler.

First-Party Data Guide for the Ethics-Driven Marketer:- Cookies are going away! But there’s a solution: collect info directly from your customers. This builds stronger connections and gives you better info than cookies ever could. Want to learn how?

Gemini models are coming to Performance Max:-Performance Max helps you reach more potential customers! Ads with “Excellent” strength get 6% more sales on average. To make this easier, Google is adding new features to help you create better ads, including powerful Gemini technology.

Google Investigating Local Ad Fraud Affecting Business Pages:-Google is cracking down on fake ads that some might create to sabotage competitors. These fake ads can hide your real ad and hurt your reach.

Labeling AI-Generated Images on Facebook, Instagram and Threads:- The Meta AI image generator allows users to generate images based on uncomplicated text prompts. To uphold transparency regarding this innovative technology, photorealistic images produced with the Meta AI feature will be labelled with “Imagined with AI.

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