In the nonprofit sector, our conversations often revolve around reaching and engaging our external audience – the people we serve and our donors. This focus is undeniably important; it’s the lifeline of our work. But, there’s a critical audience we sometimes overlook: our internal staff.

I recently had a chat about the return on investment (ROI) on publicity spending with a senior marketing team member. He was solely focused on the external impacts, forgetting our internal audience, including current and potential staff.  I reminded him that this group is just as critical, if not more so, than our other audiences. This kind of oversight isn’t uncommon though. We often find ourselves so focused on meeting goals and objectives that we forget to look at our key audience on the inside closest to it all.

But at a time when most of our HR teams are knee-deep in the struggle to recruit and retain talent, we’ve got to remember that our marketing efforts are also a powerful tool for employer branding and staff engagement.

Some of the ways our external marketing impacts our staff:

  • When staff see their organization’s work in the spotlight, it has the potential to make them proud to be part of the team.
  • Seeing positive stories about the organization’s impact can make the staff happier about their jobs.
  • Sharing success stories and achievements can motivate and inspire staff to keep up the great work.
  • A strong public image of the organization can be a helpful aspect in our retention toolbox providing support in keeping staff committed to the brand and organization less likely to leave.

All this boils down to more engaged employees, lower turnover risk, and the potential for creating passionate brand ambassadors. Who better to shout about our work than those who live and breathe it every day?

Let’s not forget how our external marketing also pushes our employer brand forward in the eyes of potential hires.

A good outward-facing marketing campaign doesn’t just spotlight our mission and successes; it paints us as a great place to work. It tells prospective employees about our culture, our values, and the difference they can make by joining us. This not only helps make our job listings stand out but attracts folks looking, not just for a job, but for a cause, a purpose, a community.

TLDR: What to remember?

Every external communication piece doubles as a recruitment tool, creating a pipeline of talent attracted to what we stand for.

One Step Further

If you really want to catch your internal audience’s eye and turn them into motivated brand ambassadors, there’s a few things we can add to our strategies:

  1. Feature team members in your communications. It’s a great way to show off the amazing folks you work with and helps put a face to the cause.
  2. Share stories that highlight the real work and real people behind the scenes. Let your team see themselves in your organization’s story.
  3. Before you launch that next campaign, get input from across the team. You might find a gem of an idea from the most unexpected place. The best part is the buy-in and boasting that also result from including their voices.

Just remember – our mission to communicate and market our cause shouldn’t just focus outward but also inward. This way we are acknowledging and cherishing the very foundation our missions are built on: our people.

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