Here is a summary of what Andre and I discussed:

2 mins Andre talks us through what this report is all about and the key findings.

4 mins Andre discusses the data set behind the report including online articles from 25 UK national and business media from June 2016 to May 2021. 

5 mins How and why the space for brands to feature in the media has shrunk.

5.30 mins How the overall number of articles in the UK media has reduced by one fifth in 5 years.

5 mins How the report also found the number of articles that mention brands has fallen by 28 per cent.

7 mins A discussion of how the issues of Brexit and COVID have dominated the media landscape for the last 5 years.

10 mins Beyond Brexit and COVID – which issues are dominating the media over the last five years.

15 mins What type of content do readers engage with?

18 mins What does the report predict about future media coverage of big issues?

18.30 mins Why brands will need to engage on the big issues to get media coverage.

21 mins Andre summarises what he sees as the report conclusions.