Hello all,

I’m need a CRM for a new startup. I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for. I’ve plowed 3-4 hours into test various ones and i’m frustrated. I’m also new to CRM, so likely I’m just not “getting it” and maybe many CRM’s can be tweaked to do what I need.

My needs:

  1. Create a contact with only basic info. Name, address, email
  2. Upload 5-10 jpgs, to that contact, that are saved forever WITHIN that contact
  3. Upload 2-3 pdfs that are saved to that contact
  4. Generate an email, from template, that can be customized with “fields” pulled from the contact. Ideally even the subject line can contain a “field”. Example: Your Drone Roof Scan – [Address]
  5. Send email from CRM, but have email sender info be from my direct email
  6. Reply emails from client will be received in outlook. OK if reply emails also go back through CRM.. but they MUST land in Outlook.

SmartSuite was SOOOOO close to this. Super easy to use and set up… and even does email with drag and drop fields.

However, smartsuite’s email function sends it from their internal server so the reply email never hits my Outlook. (Smartsuite does cc my email with a copy of the email sent to the contact)

The email chain is preserved in SmartSuite. But when the contact replys back to the email it only shows up in Smartsuite, not Outlook.

Doesn’t appear to be a way to have the email, made in Smartsuite, be sent through my email server Microsoft365.

Thank you for the time and education, i surely need it.

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