Reposting this here as I really need help and can’t afford to hire a consultant as I’m just a student. I work for a trucking company in the USA market. Get paid minimum wage as I don’t have a lot of experience in the field. Currently I’m running a campaign with a daily budget of 150$ and monthly we get about 1000 leads. Cpl fluctuates from 3.0-5.0$. My boss called me today saying he wants the cpl to be 0.5$ and for us to get 5000 leads monthly. He said his competitors told him that their cpl is 0.5$ so I should be able to get it to that too. How do I do that? I feel very intimidated that if I don’t achieve those results and will lose my job and won’t be able to payoff my student debt. What is the problem that we don’t reach a 0.5$ cpl and only get 1000 leads monthly? Was told to analyze competitor ad images and really we have catchy titles, consistent info, good offers… I dont know what to do any help and advice is appreciated.

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