Hello and thank you so much for doing what you do it helps a lot.
i have 2 questions.

1 I am a starter to google ads and i started managing google ads for a fine jewellery local shop with really high end products. It is normal that the shop has almost no online sales because not a lot of people buy so expensive products online plus they mostly want to go to the shop to try the jeweleries on them. So i focus mostly on brand awareness and bringing them more people at the physical store. But with these goals how will i measure my performance? or how will they evaluate my work since we wont know how many customers i actually bring them. Plus i dont know what conversions should i measure since the sales have no point i think because they might me only 1 or 2 a month. Can i measure how many Used google maps and directions from the ad? or calls?

2nd question is that i dont know how to code so how can i complete the conversion tag? Should i cooperate with a developer? Will he know what he has to do? and what should i give him from google ads to help him put the tags on?

thank you in advance

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