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Effective communication is crucial for closing deals and building strong customer relationships. However, managing personal mobile devices, text messaging (SMS), multiple communication channels, staying organized, and collaborating with team members can be challenging. Sales teams need a reliable and efficient solution to streamline their communications and work together seamlessly.


OpenPhone is a comprehensive business phone system that empowers sales teams to communicate effectively and collaborate effortlessly. With OpenPhone, sales professionals can manage their calls, texts, and contacts in one user-friendly app accessible across all devices.

OpenPhone offers numerous benefits for sales teams looking to enhance their communication and collaboration. By providing a shared inbox for each phone number, team members can view and contribute to conversations with contacts, ensuring everyone is on the same page. The platform automatically records calls, transcribes voicemails, and displays call logs alongside texts in a unified view, eliminating the need to jump between apps to piece together customer interactions. Additionally, OpenPhone allows teams to keep track of important contact details with custom properties and notes, ensuring everyone can access the information they need before reaching out to prospects or clients.

OpenPhone Features Include

  • Call recording: Automatically record calls for training and quality assurance purposes.
  • Contact management: Keep track of important contact details with custom properties and notes.
  • Integrations: OpenPhone integrates with various popular business tools, allowing you to automate workflows, sync contacts, and gain valuable insights. With direct integrations to apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Slack and access to over 5,000 apps through Zapier, OpenPhone makes it easy to connect your communications with the rest of your tech stack.
  • Mobile Apps: OpenPhone is available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app allows sales teams to stay connected and collaborate on the go. It provides access to all the platform’s features and functionalities, ensuring seamless communication no matter where team members are located.
  • Shared inbox: Collaborate on conversations with contacts in a shared inbox for each phone number.
  • Transcribed voicemails: Easily read and review voicemails with automatic transcriptions.
  • Unified view: Access calls, texts, and voicemails in one conversation for a comprehensive overview.
OpenPhone Unified Text Messaging and Voice Call Interface

Getting started with OpenPhone is simple and straightforward. Sales teams can claim a new local or toll-free North American phone number or port their existing numbers for free. The app can be installed on various devices or accessed through a web browser, allowing sales professionals to stay connected wherever they are. With a 7-day free trial and no commitment necessary, teams can experience the benefits of OpenPhone firsthand.

After evaluating 6 or 7 other vendors, we found that only OpenPhone checked all the boxes. It’s just worlds better.

Brian Thomas, Director of Claims Experience

Empower your sales team with OpenPhone’s collaborative features and streamlined communication tools. Try OpenPhone free for seven days and transform the way your sales team connects with customers and closes deals.

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