My business doesn’t sell anything online. I consider a phone call, or a form submission, a “conversion”, though many of those will not actually convert to paying customers. I am tracking these “conversions” with GTM. Now, if I were to optimize for something, that would probably be it. That said, given this nature of my business, I’m debating whether I should let Google Ads optimize for conversions (vs clicks), since I don’t want to get more “dumb” phone calls from people that, for example, don’t understand the nature of my business or that are private (non-business) customers.

What I’d like to do, ideally, is after each “lead”, have a method of “tagging” that event as either useful or not, or in other words, a “real” conversion tracking. Realistically, I don’t think it’s feasible, because at least for phone calls, I wouldn’t be able to associate them with an ad event.

Thoughts? Ideas? Should I still optimize for the form submission / phone # link click? Should I keep it to maximize clicks? Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has a similar business model.

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