I have had a Manual CPC campaign (Enhanced CPC turned off) running for a few weeks with no changes made during that time. It has been spending very low amounts ($10-$20 daily) on a $100/day budget cap. However, yesterday (a Sunday), it spent $200 out of nowhere. I know they give warnings that a campaign can overspend, so I wasn’t too upset about doubling the daily cap.

HOWEVER, I then noticed that the avg cpc was almost double what my Max CPC is set at (at the ad group and keyword levels). For example, the keyword with the most traffic is set at a manual max cpc of $0.15. However, the actual avg cpc was at $0.39 for that keyword. Again, I do not have enhanced CPC turned on, so the system should not adjust the cpc above the max cpc (let alone double it).

I tried to chat with support, however they just state an arbitrary reason for the overcharge, I show them why theyre incorrect, and they come back 5 minutes later with another arbitrary reason that does not apply.

Any advice? And if not, is it at all possible to run a campaign on adwords without them charging more than what you set your max at?

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