With our last release, we introduced some major changes to the platform, like the depreciation of the shared library feature and the addition of new syndication rules. With this update, we’re bringing feature improvements and some minor fixes to the platform. See the full Platform Update 6.9.2. changelog down below. 

Full Platform Update 6.9.2. Changelog


  • Added support for ingesting YouTube shorts into the platform;
  • Added live stream scheduling options. Now publishers can set up custom start and end times with countdowns inside the player for their live streams; 
  • Added a GEO label under ad schedules so you can easily tell which ad sources are GEO targeted at a glance.


  • Fixed syndicated video display in the main search bar on the platform;
  • Fixed some minor UI issues around the platform.

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If you have any questions about this update or need help with anything, get in touch with our support team over Zendesk or email.

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