Hello! I have a problem and no idea of a solution.

I sell online courses and online specializations, and I use Google Ads for paid traffic, but I’m having trouble reaching the company’s goals…

In the online courses account, weekly I can reach an average of 40K impressions, 35 conversions, average conversion cost of $148.00 and total cost of $6K

In the online specialization account, weekly I reach 180K impressions, 30 conversions, average cost of $439.00 and total cost of $16K

This is a problem because I want to generate more conversions in the specialization, and I don’t need that many impressions if they don’t generate the necessary conversions, in addition to being much more expensive than the courses.

In the courses I only have 6 campaigns, one referring to each course I sell, and in the specialization I have 25, also referring to each one.

Both use a similar strategy in terms of values, bids, matches, ad groups, etc.

I have no idea on how to improve this situation.

NOTE: I have more than 8K active keywords in specializations, which generates more than 17K search terms for me every week. Meanwhile, I have 600 active keywords in the courses and it generates 4K search terms every week. Does it influence anything?

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