Howdy Y’All

We crossed the 1,000 mile mark. Feels like a huge win for us. We got 1,060 responses this year, which makes it our best year to date. 2023 was our next best year at 902 responses. Countries/regions are listed in alphabetical as we got 100+ slides.

I redesigned our 5 year trending median salary chart. For reporting, the bar is 20 for the USA and 10 for the rest of world to show a country, region, province/state or a city.

I want to give a special shout out to Spain and India for both cracking the top 6 countries, which gave us the most responses this year. Both countries are giving Australia & Germany a run for their money (in terms of responses we get). This is the first time that a new country has cracked the top 6.

Some Notes

  • India more than 2x their responses since 2023 and 2022. We gave them their own section this year. Please keep showing up if you are based in India
  • Top 6 countries now has a slide to show how much data we get from each one
  • Remote work seems to be decreasing. A lot less currency conversions to do this year. Is remote going back to a niche thing?
  • Some people have 1-3 years experience in paid but having been working for 8-10 years, thus they can skew salaries higher.
  • Some people include their bonus in their salaries I imagine. This can make their salary higher then someone who might not have. Hence why we try to use the median salary across all reports

Results Served Two Ways

Google Slides 2024 Salary Survey


PDF 2024 Salary Survey (will add this in a few days once I think we are mistake free on the doc)

Thanks you for helping make this happen. I spend a couple weeks on this project each year and it’s truly interesting to see the data doing this labour of love project.

If you see a mistake or you think something is off, let me know in the comments or DM me and I’ll look into it. This folder has past salary survey results.

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