Our “Publication Spotlight” series is designed to showcase publications that resonate with clients and future clients. This week’s spotlight is on Payload, a publication that provides daily insights on the most important news impacting the space economy. Below is a Q&A that provides insight into commonly asked questions.

Q: What is Payload and when was it established?

Payload, a new digital media company that was established this year, is a daily newsletter covering the business and policy of space – an industry that’s growing very large, very quickly. Space exploration is currently a $350 billion a year market and is forecast to grow to $1.4 trillion by 2030.

As technology becomes a larger part of the world’s economy, more media companies are launching around niche business and policy verticals, such as cybersecurity, biotechnology and now space. Payload sees an opportunity in being able to provide marketers with a place to reach high-level space influencers.

Q: Who is its audience?

For years, space coverage has focused on the consumer-facing aspect of space travel rather than the business and societal implications of the industry. Payload’s coverage aims to go a step deeper by providing business and policy information about the space industry. There are an estimated 2.19 million workers in the U.S. aerospace and defense industry.

Q: Does Payload offer a newsletter? What does it entail and how do I sign up for it?

Payload’s flagship product, a daily newsletter, features a combination of original reporting, news curation and industry analysis. Readers can subscribe through the Payload website.

Like many new media companies, Payload’s business model revolves around sponsorships to its newsletter. In the future, the editors plan complementary things like events and podcasts, and perhaps additional newsletters.

Q: How do you submit content to Payload?

Those who are interested in submitting content can share news and updates with Ryan Duffy, founding editor, at Payload. Ryan was previously at Morning Brew, where he launched and wrote the company’s Emerging Tech Brew, a triweekly newsletter about machine learning, autonomous vehicles, VR and a variety of tech trends.

As the space industry experiences unprecedented growth, I suspect publications that provide a niche perspective, such as Payload, will increase in popularity. 

While publications that cover the complex technology within the space industry are foundational resources, there is equal value in helping readers understand the business and policy implications, as well. I like to think of it as the yin-and-yang intersection, where business perspective and industry trends complement each other to provide a comprehensive snapshot. Balance is key.

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