With a focus on marketing and communications performance and analysis, Seer pulls data from multiple sources with the ability to process, analyse and visualise performance and insights instantly

LONDON, September 12, 2023 – Publitek, a B2B technology brand awareness and demand generation agency, has announced the launch of Seer, an advanced data platform that delivers customisable marketing and communications insights. Engineered to be infinitely scalable, the Seer suite of performance monitoring and insights tools provides real-time, actionable information to fuel smarter and more targeted marketing and communications programs.

Built to measure integrated marketing outputs across PR, social media, advertising and web, Seer is the go-to platform for corporate marketing managers and their agency counterparts to assess performance and ensure ROI on marketing spend.

The Seer platform ingests data from marketing or sales platforms and then cleanses, normalises, stores and maintains the data. On top of this platform sits targeted performance and insight applications such as PR Impact, Social Media Impact, Advertising Impact and Website Impact. The creation of standardised datasets enables AI-enhanced reporting and insights, including the automatic categorisation of data, and campaign performance optimisation, and eventually, predictive analytics.

These apps tell the story within the data, starting at the highest level of overall program impact. Seer calculates impact through a weighted formula using the most important success criteria for each marketing or communications discipline, and then presents the data in the context of industry benchmark rankings. For example, success criteria for PR Impact include brand visibility, audience reach, audience relevance, domain authority, social shares and more.

“Seer translates as seeing a vision for the future, and in marketing, the future is data,” said Nick Clark, Publitek CEO. “Beyond simply reporting, Seer’s performance and insights applications help marketing and communications professionals use data to optimise and enhance their programs, budgets and KPIs. Our industry has reached an inflection point at which AI and data are transforming marketing; Seer furthers that transformation by allowing clients and agencies to deeply and effortlessly embed hard data and deep insight into their strategic programs.”

Seer also powers fully customizable reporting. Custom applications such as Competitive Share of Voice (SOV) and Competitive Messaging Penetration are available. These applications provide another layer of insights tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Seer is available now both for licensing by clients and as a white-label solution for agencies. Learn more about Seer’s robust capabilities and request information about pricing here.


Founded in 1998, Publitek is an integrated B2B marketing agency with unmatched technical expertise and global reach helping innovative technology and engineering companies connect with audiences to change the world. Headquartered in London and with offices Hamburg, Portland and Tokyo, Publitek serves 120 clients across Asia, Europe and North America. Publitek has experienced communications, marketing and data analytics staff in eight countries, including engineers, technologists, journalists and marketers that specialise in developing strategy, creative, content, PR and digital communications for technical audiences.

The article Publitek Launches Seer, an Advanced Platform for Data-Driven Marketing and Communications appeared first on World Branding Forum.

The article Publitek Launches Seer, an Advanced Platform for Data-Driven Marketing and Communications appeared first on World Branding Forum.