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Reddit is exploring monetizing its search results pages, teasing a significant untapped opportunity for the popular online forum.

Logical next step. With over 1 billion monthly searches on the platform, Reddit sees advertising against user searches as a logical next step to improve monetization after enhancing the core search experience.

Why we care. Reddit venturing into search ads could present a lucrative opportunity to target users with high intent. Advertisers will get the diversity in available platforms they crave as signs of decreasing Google trust levels prevail.

What they’re saying. Steve Huffman, CEO of Reddit, said on the company’s latest earnings call:

  • “There are no ads today on search result pages. But that’s a very high-performing product elsewhere on the internet. And I think there’s no reason to believe that it wouldn’t be for Reddit because the intention is so explicit when users are searching.”

State of play. Reddit is first focused on upgrading its search functionality with improved back-end performance, autocomplete, and a revamped user interface slated for this year.

  • The company believes nailing the search user experience is crucial before exploring monetization options like search ads.
  • As it improves discovery and leverages explicit search intent signals, the platform sees advertising as a natural complement.

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What’s next? While no firm timeline was provided, Reddit appears committed to extracting more value from its massive search volume by opening up ad inventory once its revamped search product takes shape.