On 17th June 2021 in St Petersburg on the territory of Sevkabel Port – the new urban space in the city where modern trends and technology are combined, the world’s first ever sculpture that creates musical compositions aided by the wind and artificial intelligence for the Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”
online radio station was unveiled.

Radio LETI BIT is the first online radio statio in the world where the music is created by the sculpture itself, weather conditions and complex neural network algorithms. The sculpture is modeled like an d radio, from which 144 fine rods emerge, ranging in height from 4 – 5 meters and visually reminiscent of human DNA. When it’s windy the rods touch and create a sound.
Inside the monument is a computer with neural networks, as well as piezoelectric transducers which measure the oscillation of the rods. Based on the range of oscillations artificial intelligence, just like a composer with a huge base of sounds at their disposal creates a musical composition which can be heard right on the spot by using the audio columns built into the structure itself or in any part of the world by tuning into the online radio station letibit.ru. The wind is such, that just like the music the variations are endless, and therefore it never repeats itself.