Salesforce unveiled Einstein Copilot, its newest AI integration, at the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco today. It allows users to ask questions in natural language, regardless of the product they are using. This means that users can get information without having to know how to navigate the software or search for it.

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For example, a salesperson could ask Einstein Copilot about a new account, a customer service representative could ask about how to handle a return, and a product manager could ask about how to create a customized storefront. Einstein Copilot will then find the information for the user, as long as it has been trained to answer the question.

Why we care. Pretty much every software is adding generative AI right now, but this is so much more than a subject line generator. It should make Salesforce’s data and tools easier to work with and deliver analysis and information throughout the organization. Hopefully, its use with more touchpoints will create more and better customer experiences.

Einstein Copilot is built on top of Salesforce’s Einstein GPT, which is a large language model (LLM) trained on the company’s dataset of text and code. This allows it to understand complex questions and provide accurate answers. In addition to answering questions, it can also be used to automate tasks. For example, a customer service representative could use Einstein Copilot to create a workflow that automatically generates a refund for a customer.

Other features include:

  • Customizations via Copilot Studio, including the ability to modify how the assistant responds to users such as employees and customers.
  • The Skills Builder allows companies to make workflow automations for creating AI-driven actions to complete tasks.
  • The Prompt Builder allows users to build, test and make new queries that match the company’s brand and communication style.
  • The Model Builder lets companies build and select their own AI models from whatever provider they like. They can use Salesforce’s LLM or one from other providers.

Einstein Copilot is currently in beta and a pilot program will be launched this fall. Its release comes six months after Salesforce unveiled Einstein GPT, which lets users ask questions about the software in natural language.

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