Our CRM system is homegrown (it has been built by many people over years), based on SAP ERP (from 2008) Web UI, with Fiori riding on top (same database, different interfaces, but both must be compatible, and they are very shaky). I have been working in this system for 8 years, developed processes and procedures, and improved quality. I do not work on the backend.

We only have CRM for “Sales”. Marketing uses a marketing cloud and google, we have a separate service database, and everything is disconnected.

I am looking for a new CRM job, but they seem to be focused in marketing. I do so many things, I have no clue what job title to search. Can someone give me some job titles that might describe the things that I do below:

Provide SAP CRM (Web UI & Mobile UI) training, documentation, and administrative support 114 sales representatives, field service, science support, marketing and upper management users.

Function as a US CRM Key User for a global organization (HQ is Germany). Provide feedback and input for the system to meet our business requirements in the US, using feedback from upper management, sales, marketing, customer service, field service, and finance.

-SAP CRM Bug (Defect or Issue) reporting & tracking. Communicating directly with global counterparts by documenting: priority level, users affected, environment information, step by step screenshots of steps taken, SAP CRM error message details and all code messages from developer console in Chrome. –

Test Bug Fix releases in CRM Validation system before release to production. Document and communicate results to global counterparts.

-Conduct regular training sessions (along with individualized spot training for more in depth learning) for both Web UI & Mobile UI of CRM.)

-Investigate unassigned incentives by researching original purchase order, assigned account numbers; and fixing the issue by requesting CR/DRs, manual allocation of incentives, or the re-writing of territory rules (with approval).

-Maintain & update regions & territories rules

-Key User for Analysis for Office (SAP plug-in, similar to BI) to create custom reports for business reviews or sales users. All fields are pulled from various sources (SAP CRM, SAP ERP, ect), and reports have different available fields and field names. Due to my knowledge in both SAP ERP & SAP CRM (and curiosity) I am able to pull together data, but manual manipulation of data into a usable report format is always needed. Create RFC’s for new reports or fields.

-Created Microsoft Teams Channel for Mobile UI (Sales Team) CRM Users to communicate issues for faster reply and ease of tracking issues Technical Communication. The documentation I create is also posted in this channel.

So, what do you all think I should look for? What would you call my job title right now?

(Again, I do not do any backend programming), I do support, and consult other groups in SAP ERP, SAP AFO, and SAP CRM due to they way they are connected.


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