The CX division of global software giant SAP today announced a range of generative AI capabilities across its portfolio of solutions. These included a genAI assistant, to be known as Joule, that will be embedded beyond CX across the full SAP cloud offering. The announcement came in a virtual SAP CX Live event this morning.

The new capabilities include templated use cases for marketing, sales, customer success and commerce teams.

Why we care. While SAP CX may not have as high a profile in the martech space as, say, Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce, it’s a major player, especially among brands that have built their back-office on the SAP HANA cloud.

It’s no surprise that they’ve entered the genAI stakes — and it’s fun to have another named AI assistant, alongside Sensei and Einstein.

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More details. SAP CX offered a lengthy list of use cases for the new capabilities, including:

  • Surfacing customer profile intelligence to customer-facing teams by applying AI to the SAP real-time CDP.
  • Creating email content within the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform.
  • Reviewing customer questions and suggesting written responses based on the latest product information.
  • Automating catalog management, including tagging and generating product descriptions.
  • Increasing productivity through the use of 10 role-based tools. For example, a customer service solution can summarize an issue, analyse customer sentiment, suggest a solution and track how quickly the issue is resolved.

Although these capabilities are drawing on data from third-party sources, they are also being trained on SAP’s extensive set of experiential and operational data.

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