Hello Everybody,

I’m seeking advice on strategizing a new Google Ads account, specifically for a luxury industry selling high-ticket products ranging from $500 to $100k, with many products listed as price on request (POR). The industry is currently facing challenges due to a crisis, and my initial research suggests an average CPC of $1.77 in the USA.

With a daily budget of 30 euros for a Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) campaign and three ad groups, I’m considering starting with the website traffic objective to gather initial data. However, the website’s mobile speed is subpar, and the design is rated at 4/10, which unfortunately cannot be changed per client’s insistence.

My questions are:

  1. How long should I gather data for this website traffic campaign before considering pausing it?
  2. When would be the optimal time to switch to the leads objective?
  3. Considering the industry challenges and budget constraints, what tweaks or adjustments would you recommend?

Any insights or experiences shared would be immensely helpful. Thank you in advance!

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